We have some of the best food in Greece, and the island culture is sure not to disappoint. We challenge even the Michelin palates not to love our favorite spots.

Greece is grounded in a food centric culture and Kefalonia is a perfect example of traditional and local foods that please even the most distinguished Michelin palates. Myth has it that feta cheese was invented on the island amongst other clever cooking methods that you will explore during your culinary eye opener. Picture grass fed and local meats that are caramelized over open flames, flaky white grilled fish that has been bathed in a luxurious mix of lemon and local olive oil and the tastiest vegetables served completely plain that will blow your mind. Dessert is another not to miss item with creamy and honey-based concoctions that have influence from both the Franco-Prussian and Italian influences. Our cultivated locals love it list is an easy way to start exploring the Greek and island cuisine.

Around Lassi

Sto Psito (located directly below the house, you can walk there to get your grub on) local specialties available with an amazing view

Post-beach and other towns:

Agona, Vista Mare: there is one place that you’ll see next to a gas station with the best souvalki and lamb chops and greek salads from a family farm that also runs the restaurant, budget friendly with a majestic view

Agia Efimia: Sto Perasma with local Greek food or Dendrinos for fish, then Strawberry for ice cream

Agia Kyriaki: (you can rent boats here or swim) then eat at the local tavern, The Fishermans Hut, by the sea

Damoulianata: Ladokolla ( a village tavern to go to after visiting Petani Beach)

 Close by in Argostoli

Vinaries: Can’t go wrong with any fish dish you choose but I would recommend the whole fishes.

Kyani Akti : Locally caught fish is served cooked over open grills ( good things to order include horta, feta, Greek salad, dips, and fried eggplant or zucchini. Pass on ordering the fried potatoes)

Al Fourno: Though known for pizza, their risottos and and salads are not to be missed

Paparazzi: Thin pizzas and light pasta dishes from a man who lived in Italy for years and now calls Kefallonia home

Casa Grec: Home cooked style Greek food! Served tapas style and meant to be shared, do not forget to order the house wine carafes!

Farmout Vitamin Bar: Juices, smoothies, fresh salads and sandwiches all made with local organic ingredients. This is a must stop for gifts to bring back home.


Because lets be real, this is really why your staying with us! Most of them are organized, meaning that your beach chairs, umbrellas, coffee and cocktails are all available on site.

Makri Yalos: Shallow wading water with crystal clear water and music, also has water sports

Ag. Heli: Local beach with volleyball nets (near the airport). Darker sand so try to avoid it on super hot days, theres also a nice little walk to go down ( which means you have to climb back up so your work out is complete on this day_

Myrtos: The most famous beach on the island and constantly voted one of the best beaches in Europe

Xi: locatedin Lefkada you can take the ferry from Argostoli to the other side and drive there. It has mud that is said to cleanse the skin that you can apply and detox

Antisamos: Perfectly clear beach with immeadiate deep and beausitful blue waters

Petani: from our take the ferry from Argostoli to Lixouri and follow signs, the drive down is one of the most magical on the island

Foki Beach or Alaties Beach: located towards Fiskardo


Kefallonia is home to some really amazing vineyards that you can tour. Some include Gentillli, Sclavos, and the Robola Co-op

Mt Aenos

The tallest Mountain on the island

Agios Gerasimos Monastery

A holy site where the Saints body can be viewed on display, many miracles are said to have occurred to those who visit

Melissani Cave

A  natural phenomenon in which water flows from one side of the island to the other, a short boat ride will take you under the cave waters where you can look up to the sky through the top

Drogarati Cave

A 150 million year old cavern discovered during an earthquake, it’s now open to the public and shows the centuries old mineral formations known as stalactites and stalagmites